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Company Profile

CV. Inti Citra Usaha

is an industrial company, engaged in production and trade of educational props


based on notarial deed of 1989 in Jakarta. Address at Kebayoran long street 198B West Jakarta 11560 - Indonesia

Educational Product

have been widely used in public and private schools, colleges, polytechnics, throughout Indonesia


in the procurement of educational facilities through central government, provincial, and district or city programs. Also with private institutions and direct sales to schools or training centers.


  • Partner in publishing and printing
  • Partner of Department of Education and Culture (now Ministry of National Education)
  • Perform the printing / publishing works for Department of Education and Culture
  • Implement procurement of educational tools Mathematics SD Department of Education and Culture.
  • Along with the time and development of the business, then established a Business Entity named CV. INTI CITRA BUSINESS and start business in the field of printing, manufacture / production of educational props equipment for the kindergarten, elementary / equivalent.
  • Based on developments and needs, CV. INTI CITRA BUSINESS focus on establishing the business of making / production of educational equipments of kindergarten, elementary / equivalent
  • Produce educational props equipment for SMP / junior high school, SMA / senior high school, SMK (Vocational).
  • Opened a research and development office in Johor Bahru - Malaysia assisted by Prof. Dr. Ing. Eko Supriyanto St. Mt. as head of consultant for research and development model of experiments for elementary, junior and senior high school students connected with computer readings using media sensor interface
  • Conducting research and development / manufacture of props for university level, equipment connected with computer readings using sensor interface media.


Main Office and Showroom
Inti Citra Usaha
Jl. Raya Kebayoran Lama No:198B
Jakarta Barat-11560, Indonesia
P: +62 21 5492647
P: +62 21 5481028
F: +62 21 5300353

Jl. FF No. 18B RT 007/RW 005 Sukabumi Selatan, Kebon Jeruk
Jakarta Barat-11560, Indonesia



Together building the nation through the provision of educational aids and quality educational media


Building reliable and trustworthy partners in education.



Order request can be sent to our office. The ordered items are processed after the customer receives a confirmation of our price and we have received the advance payment (dp).


Payment can be done by cash or transfer to CV Inti Citra Usaha bank account.


After all payments have been received by CV Inti Citra Usaha, if it is cash will be given a receipt or if it is transfer (attach evidence for clarification).


Send your question or comment to:
CV Inti Citra Usaha
Jl. Raya Kebayoran Lama No:198B
Jakarta Barat-11560, Indonesia
P: +62 21 5492647
P: +62 21 5481028
F: +62 21 5300353
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